Wednesday, September 6, 2023

Student Achievements, 2022-2023


Virginia Northern District Auditions

 Kevin Shen- First Place (A), Level II

Nam Tran- Third Place, Level III

Weill Recital Hall, Carnegie Hall, NY

Kenneth Duong-Gold Prize, "Golden Key Music Festival"

Lulu Wang and Sophia Wang-First Place, BMTG Intercontinental Music Competition

NVMTA Sonata Festival


Aaron, Elsa, Olivia, Sean, Serena, Sarah, Kevin, Lulu, Sophia, Joshua

Second Round:

Elsa, Sean, Sarah, Kevin, Olivia, Lulu


Olivia, Elsa, Kevin

Young Artist Musicale, GMU

Ethan Tran

Olivia Baek

Kevin Shen 

Virginia Governor's School

 Ethan Tran

Nam Tran

Great Composer Series

 Jasmine Mao-Second Place, Best Bach Performance

Ethan Tran- First Place, Best Kabalevsky Performance

NVMTA Achievement Awards Competition

Olivia Baek- Honorable Mention

Ethan Tran- Honorable Mention

NVMTA Judged Recitals

Jasmine Mao- Honors

Olivia Baek- Honors

Nam Tran- Honors

Kenneth Duong-Honors

Kevin Shen - Honorable Mention

Sophia Wang and Jasmine Mao- Honorable Mention

MSMTA Gottlieb Competition

Elsa Tseng (8)- HM

Kevin Shen (12)- HM

 Lulu Wang (13)- HM

 Jasmine Mao (14)- HM

 Ethan Tran(15)- HM

MSMTA  Spring Piano Solo Competition

Kevin Shen (12)- First Place

Nam Tran (16)- First Place

Sarah Shen (11)-Second Place

Jasmine Mao (14)- Second Place

Serena Pan (11)- Honorable Mention

Sophia Wang (13)- Honorable Mention

NVMTA Piano Concerto Festival

Elsa Tseng (3rd grade)- First Place

Teddy Yi ( 12th grade)-Second Place

Kenneth Duong (12th grade)- Third Place

MSMTA Piano Duet Competition

Sarah Shen and Kevin Shen - 2nd place

Serena Pan and Sean Pan -3rd place

Jasmine Mao and Lulu Wang- Honorable Mention

NVMTA Bach Baroque Festival/Competition

Superior: Sean, Elsa, Serena, Lulu, Sophia, Kevin, Sarah

Excellent: Aaron, Ethan, Evan

3rd Year Award- Elsa Tseng

6th Year Award- Sophia Wang, Ethan Tran 

2nd round: Jasmine, Serena, Elsa, Sophia, Lulu

Honors: Elsa, Lulu, Sophia, Serena

Bland Competition

Jasmine Mao- First Place, $100 Award

Kenneth Duong- Second Place, $250 Award

VMTA Theory Day, top scores

Evan, Sophia, Olivia, Sean, Jasmine

Skill Day, top scores

Nam, Kevin, Lulu, Sophia, Sarah, Sean, Jasmine, Ethan

NVMTA Robert Spencer Piano Concerto Competition

Kevin Shen ( Level II)- First Place

Olivia Baek (Level III) -Honorable Mention

YMIC Classical Music Festival

Kevin  Shen ( Grades 6/7)-First Place

Sophia Wang (Grades 8/9)- First Place

Kenneth Duong (Grades 10/12)-First Place

Ethan Tran (Grades 10/12)- Second Place

Nam Tran ( Graes 10/12)-Second Place

Elsa Tseng (Grades 2/3)-Third Place

 Serena Pan ( Grades 4/5)- Third Place

 Sarah Shen ( Grades 4/5)- Third Place

 Sean Pan  (Grades 4/5)- Honorable Mention

 Jasmine Mao (Grades 8/9)- Honorable Mention

Virginia State Competition Finals

 Kevin Shen - Second Place, $40 Award

VMTA Fall Festival


Serena, Sean, Joshua, Aaron, Elsa, Olivia

Congratulations to our seniors, Kenneth and Teddy!

Sunday, September 3, 2023

Kevin Shen and Amadeus Orchestra


Kevin with Scott Wood after performance

Congratulations to Kevin Shen! Kevin was one of the NVMTA Piano Concerto Competition winners. He was chosen to perform 3rd movement of Mendelssohn Piano Concerto with the Amadeus Orchestra of McLean under the direction of Scott Wood. The audience was extremely impressed and appreciative of the great talent exhibited by six students who were selected for this performance. 

Prior to the concert, the director met with the students and audience members to give a little background about their pieces and talk with the students about some of their interests in addition to music. 

Sunday, July 2, 2023

Northern District Auditions

 Congratulations to Kevin Shen and Nam Tran on their stellar performances at the Virginia Northern District Auditions! Kevin will represent Northern Virginia in the State Auditions at the VMTA Fall Conference. 

  Kevin Shen (Level II) -1st(A) place, $25 Award

Nam Tran ( Level III)- Third Place

Monday, June 26, 2023

Kenneth Duong at Weill Recital Hall, Carnegie Hall!


Congratulations to Kenneth on his performance in New York! He was invited to play "Reflets dans l'eau" by C. Debussy at the "Golden Key Music Festival", winners concert. What a wonderful way to celebrate high school graduation! 

Thursday, June 15, 2023

NVMTA Sonata Festival


Congratulations to students who participated in the NVMTA Sonata Festival! 
Excellent Rating: 
Aaron, Elsa, Olivia, Sean, Serena, Sarah, Kevin, Lulu, Sophia, Joshua
Second Round
Elsa, Sean, Sarah, Kevin, Olivia, Lulu
Olivia, Elsa and Kevin

Wednesday, June 14, 2023

Studio News

Jasmine, Sarah and Kevin

Ethan and Olivia, GMU
Ethan with Jeffrey Siegel

Young Artist Musicale, GMU
 Oliva Baek and Ethan Tran

Virginia Governor's School:

 Ethan Tran

Nam Tran

Great Composer Series, Bach Competition:

 Jasmine Mao- 2nd place

Achievement Awards Competition:

 Olivia Baek ( Level 3)- HM

 Ethan Tran ( Level 4)- HM

NVMTA Judged Recital:

Jasmine Mao- Honors

Kevin Shen - Honorable Mention

MSMTA Gottlieb Competition:

Congratulations to students who participated in the MSMTA M. Gottlieb Competition, everyone received the recognition and Honorable Mention!

Elsa Tseng (8)

Kevin Shen (12)

 Lulu Wang(13)

Jasmine Mao(14)

 Ethan Tran(15)

Wednesday, May 10, 2023

MSMTA Spring Piano Solo Competition


Nam, 1st place

Kevin, 1st place
Jasmine, 2nd place
Sarah, 2nd place
Serena, HM
Sophia, HM

Results are in from the MSMTA Spring Piano Festival/Competition!Congratulations!

Kevin Shen (12)- First Place
Nam Tran (16)- First Place
Sarah Shen (11)- Second Place
Jasmine Mao (14)- Second Place
Serena Pan (11)- Honorable Mention
 Sophia Wang(13)- Honorable Mention